Water Baptism


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Water Baptism

Water baptism is a symbolic burial, by which new Christians publicly declare they have died to sin and are now beginning a new life in Christ. Baptize is the English form of a Greek word which means to immerse: to place something into something else. In Christian water baptism, the believer is put completely under water, then immediately raised out of the water. Water baptism is a statement of faith—my old life is behind me; I am a new person with a new life. Water baptism is a sign of repentance. Repentance means change—a change so drastic that the old person is “buried.” It does not make you acceptable to God. As a work of righteousness, trying to obtain a good standing with God, it is worthless. Water baptism is a way of giving testimony to what has happened inwardly, and a clear commitment to turn from the old life.

Why should I get baptized?

Water baptism outwardly demonstrates what has happened inwardly. Water baptism helps you to grasp the reality of the spiritual truth that the old “you” has died. Water baptism is only as important as the participant believes it to be. It is their confession and a public commitment. It is not something we must do to impress God, but something to impress on our mind what happened to us inwardly. Water baptism is for our benefit—not God’s. You should be baptized in water if you clearly understand what baptism signifies.

Jesus’ baptism

Why was Jesus baptized in water? He was, and is, our pattern. In a sense, He was, at that point, dying to His past life. From that point, His first allegiance would no longer be to earthly relatives. (“Who is My mother, or My brothers?” Mark 3:31–35.) Jesus would no longer be a carpenter. He was beginning His public ministry. Jesus was declaring that He was dead to any selfishness and existed solely to do the will of the Father God.

Clean break with the past

As we are baptized in water, we are in effect saying goodbye to our old life (self), and saying hello to a new creation who is in Christ Jesus. Because of His death you are free from your old master (the devil); now you have a new Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. A major benefit to the believer is the clean break that water baptism makes with their past. When the devil brings temptations and accusations concerning their old life—the believer can reply, “That person is dead and buried. I am a new person in Christ.” Water baptism is a point of separation, dividing the old from the new. It says the past is dead and gone—drawing a clear line between the old life and the new, graphically imprinted on the mind of the believer.

To consider

Baptism in water is not necessary for salvation, but it is beneficial for the believer.

The main points to remember about water baptism:

  • It does not make you a Christian, or right with God. It is only a symbolic act with no power to save you.
  • It is a testimony of what has already happened inwardly in the believer—the death of their old life. Certain formulas of words are not vital.
  • It is complete immersion into water.
  • It is best done publicly.
  • It should be done only by someone old enough to understand what they are doing.
  • It should be done only by those who have received the Lord Jesus Christ and are committed to Him.
  • Baptism for kids?

    Can my baby or young child be baptized?

    No, we don’t practice baby baptism. However, please refer to our Child Dedication page to find out why that is the perfect next step for your family.

    Can my elementary age child be baptized?

    Yes! When a kid makes the decision to follow Jesus and be baptized, we think it’s a really big deal. That’s why we do things for kids that we don’t do for adults!

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